Summer camp (Daytime only)

Come and train at the Capital Hockey School for an incomparable experience

Ideal for : Girls aged 4 years old to 16 years old
Date : From august 16 to august 20 2021

Here you have all our attention!


  • A team of manager experienced and passionate
  • Individual meeting for players and parents with the head coach (Summer camp at the week)
  • An average ratio of one coach for 7 players
  • An average ratio of one coach for 4 goalies
  • The counselors aged more than 15 years old
  • The chance to observe national hockey League players practices
  • Souvenir shop and hockey equipment
  • Practice and game jerseys
  • Laundry service for your money
  • Petty cash service for your pocket money
Choose your Service:

At the Capital Hockey School, the camp at the week is the most popular and the most prestigious since 43 years old. From to good of the past year, the general ringette program will begin is second yeard. It is the best for you who wants to…

  • To have an excellent improvement for your practice and game.
  • To meet many people from around the world.
  • To attend hockey practices of the players of the national League (Starting week 4 or 5).
  • Off-ice activities like soccer, basketball, flag football
  • Buy a hockey item or souvenir on the spot in our  hockey shop.
  • Consult the physiotherapist on site in case of minor injury.
  • To live an experience in one of the largest Universities in Canada..

Our programming summer 2019

Description of program

Our packages

The Capital Hockey School, offer you to choose your practices or games «à la carte». In order to fill you, adult who wants to improve, worker student who wants to become in a good shape or elite and house league players who would like to take few lessons whitout the obligation to come a full week. Now this flexibility is ther for you:

• Choose 1 practice and 1 game for 50$ + taxes each or save by buying a block of 5 to 9 practices or games (ex: 3 practices and 5 games) for 45$ + taxes, block of 10 practices or games and more for only 40$ + taxes.
• You must buy your number of practice(s)/game(s) online in the shop.
• You must call to book your practices or games 48 hours in advance.
• Possibility of spending the morning and afternoon and/or evening (Summer only) with the other players of the hockey school (Off-ice activities included).
• Available summer and spring break camps.
• Expiration August 27 2021

During our activities offer by the hockey school, we are always there for the players who wants to work on a specific technical or tactical about the game. We decide to offer you private lessons. Private lessons included.

Here’s what you’ll get in this lesson:

• 60 minutes with an experience coach.
• Specific drill about your weaknesses.
• Instant feedback about your weaknesses.
• Offer during the summer camp and limited to one private lesson for each trainee.

Price: 80$/lesson (maximum of 2 lessons/player)

Our programming for summer 2021 :

All our programs ar offered as a package :

Gold ( Days + Evening + Night + Meals )

Silver ( Daytime only )


Week 8
from august 16 to august 20

1 training program

General program

Description of program for players

This program allows the work of the 4 basics technics in ringette (Skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting) to ensure the integration of individual tactics (1 vs 1 situations).

  • Skating skills (Quick start, stopping, turning, cross-over)
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Pass reception 
  • Stickhandling and carrying the ringette ring
  • Deeking
  • 1vs1 small area and full ice


     Description of programs for goalies

     The goaltenders are included in the player’s practices. A goalies coach provides instruction in his workshop. The following technicals concepts will be taught:
  • The basic position
  • The coverage of angles
  • Moving (Parallel and T movement)
  • Stopping the ringette ring with the glove and the blocker
  • Immobilization of the ringette ring
      Our packages:
      Gold/silver/bronze  (August 11 to August 16 Mosquito to Juvenile) (August 18 to August 23 Mosquito to Juvenile)


Our packages in summer camp

Gold ( Day + Evening + Night + Meals)

  • Accomodation, meals and evening snack included
  • Daytime only
  • Off-ice activities during the evening after the ice-time
  • 2 practices, one game per day, access to all activities of the hockey school
  • Transportation to Old Quebec included
  • Single room or double room

Note : For those who wants 2 consecutive weeks and more:

****Day-off saturday, it’s time for socio-cultural activities (Movies, swimming pool, golfing,shopping).** Only for two weeks packages**

****Week-end fee is not included (Restaurant, accomodation, activities and week-end counselors)

Silver ( Daytime only )

  • 2 practices 1 game a day
  • Eligibility to participate in the Old Quebec’s outing.
  • Organized off-ice activities (Basketball, soccer, game room…)
  • Accomodation, meals and snack not included
  • Opportunity to buy meal cards for lunch and transportation for Old Quebec online or monday (Not included).
  • From monday to friday, the day start at 7h30 am and ends at 17h30 pm.