Ringette summer camp (Camp by week)

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Daytime only

From august 16 to august 20 2021.

from 7:30 to 5:30 with or without accomodation

Group Discount between 13% to 25%

Please contact Martin Roy for further information at 418 832-1315 ext. 3

Here is the breakdown of groups including date of birth:

Group D: Mosquito / Mite (4 to 9 years old): 2012 to 2017

Group E: Atom: (10 and 11 years old): 2010 and 2011

Group F: Benjamine (12 and 13 years old) Junior (14 and 15 years old) Cadette (16 to 18 years old): 2003 to 2009

Available places

Week of August 16 to august 20 2021:

Group D Mosquito / Novice:                       30 places available                          Goalkeepers: 5 places available
Group E Atom:                                                   30 places available                          Goalkeepers: 5 places available
Group F: Benjamine/ Junior / Cadette: 30 places available                          Goalkeepers: 5 places available

***From may 15, in case of cancellation, it is impossible to obtain un refund on your registration***

 *** Cancellation policy: The Hockey School reserves the right to keep 100$ fee when canceling a registration ***

Player or goaler information

Week 8-Program,level and package

Week 8: from august 16 to august 20 2021

Available program:

The program is general from Mosquito to Cadette for players and keepers.

Topic on-ice: General program

Tell us the desired program, level and package by clicking on the yellow box below and continue your operations by clicking on "add to cart".

Souvenir jersey

Give yourself a present !

2021 model coming soon. Check out our choices on facebook and vote for your favorite !

Skates sharpening

Put the odds on your side by sharpening your skates by the pros of sharpening!

Take advantage of the skate sharpening service at l'École de hockey de la Capitale.

The service counter is located directly in the arena lobby.

Private course

Only summer time

During our activities, we are always there for the player who would like to work on technics or  tactics.  We decide to offer you private lessons.

There is what you'll get in this lesson:

  • 60 minutes with a qualified coach on  the ice
  • Specific drill to improve your weaknesses
  • Instant feedback about your technics and tactics
  • Offer during the summer camp only
  • Only one private lesson/player (maximum of 2)

Price: 80$/private lesson

Please contact Martin Roy for further information at 418 832-1315 ext. 3