March break hockey (Camp by week)

From: 336,09$

Come to improve your technics !

From march 2 to march 6 2020.

Promotion of BLACK FRIDAY from november 23rd to december 1st, 2019. (330$ instead 385$)

*Spring break: A group discount is applied for any registration of 2 or more player.Please call 418 832-1315 to apply the group discount.*

Price for one week is 385$ + GST (5%) 19,25$ + QST (9,975%) 38,40$

Total: 442,65$

Group discount
Price for two players (discount of 6,5% therefore 25$/player)

Total: 413,91$ /player taxes included (total bill: 827,82$ taxes included)

Price for three players (discount of 8,7% therefore 33,33$/player)

Total: 404,33$/player taxes included (total bill: 1212,99$ taxes included)

Price for four players (discount of 9,8% therefore 37,50$/player)

Total: 399,54$/player taxes included (total bill: 1598,16$ taxes included)

Price for five players (discount 10,4% therefore 40$/player)

Total: 396,66$/player taxes included (total bill: 1983,32$ taxes included)

  • The discount applies to the total bill for any registration.

80 places available

78 places still available

*** Cancellation policy: The Hockey School reserves the right to keep a 100$ fee when canceling a registration. ***
Player or goaler information

Hockey - Level and program

Tell us your favorite levels and programs for the week of march 2 to march 6 2020.

The program is general from Pre-mite to Midget.

Souvenir jersey

Give yourself a present !

Skates sharpening

Put the odds on your side by sharpening your skates by the pros of sharpening.

Private course

During our activities, we are always there for the player who would like to work on technics or  tactics.  We decide to offer you private lessons:

There is what you'll get in this lesson:

  • 60 minutes with a qualified coach on  the ice
  • Specific drill to improve your weaknesses
  • Instant feedback about your technics and tactics
  • Offer during the summer camp or spring break between 8:00 to 11:00 from monday to friday.

Price: 120$/private lesson or 4 private lessons for 400$ (discount applied)