Elite off-ice program (PDI)

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The off-ice training program takes place at the Super Peps of Laval University. More than 60 hours of training in summer and 12 hours in spring.

Here are our dates and day:

Spring session: From may 19 to june 25 tuesday and thursday nights

Summer session: From july 6 to august 13 monday to thursday in the morning.

Registration in 3 steps:

  1. You choose your age group (8-10 years old/11-13 years old/14-17 yeras old)
  2. You choose your program (spring session/summer/combo)
  3. Validate your order and pay a deposit of 50%

The spring session include 12 off-ice training for 250$.

The summer session include off-ice and on-ice training for 1199,99$.

The combo spring/summer entitles you to a 120$ discount on the summer session   for a total of 1329,99$

***Cancellation policy: The Hockey School reserve the right to keep a 100$ fee when canceling a registration.***
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Hockey - Level and program

Tell us your favorite levels and programs for our off-ice training.

Select one of the three age groups for our spring and/or summer sessions (8-10 years old/11-13 years old/14-17 years old).