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What a lineup!

EHC’s management team is made up of two hockey professionals. Christopher Bédard and Éric Morin, both physical education graduates with a, specialization in ice hockey, share the school’s management responsibilities. Together, their hockey experience includes teaching in the minors, coaching and writing publications on the game. On top of having played at the senior and university levels, the management team consists of enthusiastic hockey professionals who have turned their passion for teaching the sport into a successful business.

Éric Morin
Christopher Bédard Éric Morin
Director of Operations,

Certified HP1

Program and Coach Manager,

Physical Education Instructor

Top Specialists

Daily activities at EHC are closely supervised by our specialized personnel. Staff members include:

  • Monitors and coordinators
  • Physical education instructors
  • Professionals from the NHL and other leagues

Monitors are on hand for all activities to supervise students and provide individual tips and assistance. A ratio of one monitor for 15 students is maintained at all times. (Pre-Mites and Mites: 4 monitors, a ratio of 1 to 7).

All our physical education instructors are university graduates. They are responsible for the teaching and development of EHC hockey programs. An on-ice ratio of 1 instructor to 6 students is maintained at all times (1 to 5 for goaltenders). No more than 30 students and 20 goaltenders may be on the ice together at one time.

At EHC, teacher-players from the NHL and other leagues are hand-picked by management. Only those with a knack for teaching and a genuine interest in working with young players are invited to EHC.


Physical education instructors


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