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Two lodging plans are available at EHC

PLAN A (With lodging and meals)


  • Access to all EHC services and privileges
  • Lodging (depending on length of program)
  • All meals during the camp. Weekend meals and rooms are at the student’s expense (2 or 3 week stay)
  • Optional: single occupancy room ($80 supplement per week payable with down payment)
  • Various weekend activities including movies, excursions, visits to historic Old Quebec, etc.
  • There is no hockey instruction during the weekend

PLAN B (Without lodging and meals)


  • Access to all EHC services and privileges.
  • Students must pay for their own meals and are responsible for their own accommodations.

Students staying off-campus are responsible for their transportation to EHC.

Session Cost

Plan A Plan A* Plan B Plan B*
1 week 6 days 650.00 $ (Downpayment:325.00$) 610.00 $ (Downpayment:325.00$) 415.00 $ (Downpayment:225.00$) 390.00 $ (Downpayment:225.00$)
Goaltenders 6 Days without games 690.00 $ (Downpayment:340.00$) 660.00 $ (Downpayment:340.00$) 480.00 $ (Downpayment:260.00$) 460.00 $ (Downpayment:260.00$)
Goaltenders 6 Days with games 650.00 $ (Downpayment:325.00$) 610.00 $ (Downpayment:325.00$) 415.00 $ (Downpayment:225.00$) 390.00 $ (Downpayment:225.00$)
2 weeks 1250.00 $ (Downpayment:650.00$) 1200.00 $ (Downpayment:650.00$) 805.00 $ (Downpayment:400.00$) 755.00 $ (Downpayment:400.00$)
3 weeks 1855.00 $ (Downpayment:875.00$) 1785.00 $ (Downpayment:875.00$) 1180.00 $ (Downpayment:550.00$) 1100.00 $ (Downpayment:550.00$)
Day Camp (Aug 21 – 25) 295.00 $ + taxes

1 payment only

Spring Break 5 Days 280.00 $ + taxes

1 payment only

WEEKLY SESSION (Sunday mornings) 300.00 $ + taxes

1 payment only

*Special discount rate for downpayment confirmed reservation before January 15, 2017. Please send your remittance before June 1st 2017. Please refere to the CANCELLATION section of this site for refund policy. N.B. All rates are subject to the canadian Goods And Services Tax (G.S.T.) of 5 % and T.V.Q. of 9.975 %.

For more information,

1 418 832-1315 poste 1

1 800 423-1315

Fax : 1 418 832-5987


  • Fill out the enclosed registration and plan selection form.
  • Make out a check or postal money order payable to École de Hockey de la Capitale (the amount of the down payment varies with the plan selected. See registration form).
  • Send the fully completed registration and plan selection form, along with the down payment, to EHC as early as possible. Space is limited.
  • Confirmation of receipt and details on preparation and student reception will be sent two weeks after registration.


All outstanding amounts are payable no later than June 1, 2017.


Students wishing to cancel their registration must do so by May 15, 2017. Down payment will be refunded less $90.00 (1 week stay), $130.00 (2 week stay) or $160.00 (3 week stay).Downpayment will not be refunded for cancellations after May 15, 2017 although the amount may be transferred to another participant found by the registered student. There will be no refunds for late arrivals or early departures under any circumstances. The school reserves the right to expel participants without refund for reasons of lack of discipline, theft, etc. EHC management reserves the right to cancel or change program schedules when circumstances warrant.


Please consult the available places BEFORE making your registration.


If you have read the content of this page,

you can register by clicking here :

2017 Registration Form for Hockey Summer Camp – July 2 to August 18 2017 register now

2017 Registration Form for Weekly Session, Spring Break and Day Camp (5 days) register now

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